I.T. super stressed out from never ending project deadlines?


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I.T. super stressed out from never ending project deadlines? Imagine finding your calm in any meeting about any topic. What would be available to you in that space of calm and ease?

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COVID 19 has already stressed out now why
you know I bet you already super
stressed out I know I sure was before
Cove it hit and now
yeah I’m still mostly alright I have
times we all do but if you’re already
super stressed out when the project
manager would come to you say what is
this gonna get done because of the
neverending cycle of project due dates
and the stresses you’re out you’re
pulling out your hair and you’re in the
moment and you panic you don’t know what
to say try this to next time so I want
to tell you something called 7-eleven
breathing it’s a real simple thing where
you can just mentally think stop let me
go shopping at 7-eleven and so you
breathe in for a count of seven breathe
in through your nose you breathe out for
the count of 11 out of your mouth the
point is that you breathe out longer
than you’re breathing in you could use a
count of four and eight that would work
too now hide sometimes find out a little
easier counting out for a loan can be
okay I’m out of breath now what do I do
that’s fine just you can just hold just
hold and then start breathing in again
and breathe in slow breathe out even
longer slow
and just let that sense peace wash over
you and in that next breath you can just
answer whatever your answer is right I’m
not gonna tell you what that is that’s
your secret Oh anyway so I have a
question for you
who do you know that’s an IT that’s
stressed out oh my god stressed out and
really need some help I will send them
over to Scott Bechtel Hypnotist dot com / discovery

Scott Bechtel hypnotist
calm for such discovery let’s talk we’ll
get together we’ll see if my services as
a hypnotist match up with the way you or
that person is looking for and let’s
bring call and install calm and ease
into your life
Thanks it’s got Beck build hypnotist