I.T. Support – I am so stressed it hurts


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“IT Support – I am so stressed it hurts” looks at a different way to handle the stress of being ON all the time.
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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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okay IT support people hey are you
working super hard even harder now that
you’re working from home and are you so
stressed out that you know you’re kind
of hurting maybe your neck hurts your
back hurts your brain hurts well I
worked in the world of brain and so if
your brain is hurting because of all the
stress of so many extra things coming
your way now I’m about to help one of
the things you can do is when you have
lots of people talking to you all at
once I’m gonna be really distracting
like which way do I go which way don’t
stop mentally think stop and breathe
take a deep breath in and then let it
out take a deep breath in and let it
back out you can even put your hands on
your arms give yourself a little hug and
rub yourself and get that bilateral
stimulation going back and forth in your
brain and squeeze and relax and then
create ick ‘it’s you know or work the
tickets in order or you know what to do
but give your supposed self the space to
push everything back create a space
where then you pull one thing into it
work that thing set it aside hold the
next thing in put it in that space just
call breathe work one thing at a time if
your neck your back is hurting get that
addressed but if you want to address the
mind and your relationship to working IT
support and this crazy world we’re in
now let’s have a conversation about that
you can go to Scott Bechtel hypnotist dot
com / discovery and let’s schedule a
time together to talk about your
relationship to your work your stress
how things are impacting you and maybe
even some anxiety that’s built up over