Raving Fan: Henry L.

I’d been looking into hypnosis in order to help my proficiency at a spiritual technique. Spiritual growth and its ability to alleviate real world problems has been a primary goal for me, but I was having trouble applying myself to it and getting over related anxiety. I found Scott and was pleasantly surprised at how willing he was to find ways to make hypnosis accessible to me even in a restricted situation. I was also relieved to find out that Scott didn’t question my goal—despite how specific and obscure it was—and instead was fully on board to help me achieve my desire.

I found Scott to be incredibly kind, upbeat, and present in our session, listening carefully to my situation and taking down detailed notes. I always felt comfortable during the hypnosis, and I found his instructions clear and easy to follow. The session went by quickly, and I found that I had little memory of what was said during hypnosis once I returned to conscious awareness. Instead, these suggestions found their way into my subconscious.

Within a week of my hypnosis session, I had a sudden idea pop into my mind as to how to practice this technique in a more efficient way. I have now been taking the initial steps to implementing this technique and practicing more consistently and focused than before. I now fully expect to achieve my goals in this area thanks to working with Scott. I feel that hypnosis is a highly viable solution whatever one is struggling with, and it is a highly natural method that will feel like the subject is coming up with the solution on their own! Thank you, Scott, for helping me finally achieve progress in an area that had been troubling me for two years.

Henry L.