The story goes that when you were in the ages of three to six you accidentally decided how your brain software would be running today. These control your habits.

Because you are here you can quickly and automatically create the life you truly desire. Together lets stop those unwanted habits, and programs, and instead install the adult informed behaviors you desire.  Right Now.

Step 1:

I’ve created a free program that teaches you how this site works and primes some hypnotic helpers that the other programs use. I did this so that you don’t have to re-learn/listen to the same old stuff in each course.

This has so many techniques to help you get started fast.

Step 2:

Next step is that you are ready to watch and listen to the program you came here for. You should find it in your cart, your programs, or you can now go shopping in one of these categories.

Absolute Satisfaction Warranty

Try any of my online programs at any time, and if you’re not happy with it ask for a refund within 90-days and I’ll take care of that for you!

If for any reason you want to reach out to me then send an email to support (at) scottbechtelhypnotist.com.