Do you ever feel like you're going through the motions while everything is blowing up around you?

Like you've become a passenger in your own life, with no control and just going along for the ride?

A helpless victim to the never ending STRESS and ANXIETY?

What if you could climb into the driver's seat?

What if you could feel free, calm, and at ease, all on demand at anytime, in your everyday life?

But you aren't there yet...


Bust Free from Stress & Anxiety Now

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It's not your fault!

Work has you set up! A never ending list of tasks that have to get done. And just when you start to make good progress, you get more. And if you ever do get “done” then you get even more. The never ending “have to get this done now!” feeling can do multiple things.

Stress. That outside stimulus of someone telling you to do something, or even your own list of to do items. It might land like Fear. It might land like Anger. It might land like you are being attacked and you need to Flee. It might land like Yet Another Brick to pile on your shoulders. Each of these are a form of Fight or Flight system in your body telling you that you are in trouble. While work has normalized this conditioned condition, and you have learned to ignore it some, it’s been taking a toll on you. Part of you isn’t okay with the status quo of how things come at you.

Anxiety. That inside response and reaction to outside stimulus that now has taken on a life of it’s own. It swims around and loops. Over, and over, and OVER. Now having it’s own energy and life it takes up Big Space in your thoughts and body feelings. From headaches, to irritated bowels, to generally feeling sick and down and out, Anxiety lives like a demon inside you. At times Panic Attacks jump up from “no where” just to spice things up.

And it isn’t just you. In I.T. an average of 81% of folks have the experience of moderate to sever stress. And they aren’t alone! Every industry is stressed out due to normal business activities and even more so after all of the recently pivots as life changes post COVID-19.

What you have been doing about Stress isn't working. You know this!

Coping with increased emotions makes people “funny”. It’s not how you’d choose to react to Stress and Anxiety. It’s an automatic instant reaction that fires off before you are even aware you are doing it. You continue to run the software that was installed in your brain when you were three to six years old. It worked back them to save you. But just look at the impact that software has now.

Panic. The constant worry is breaking you down. Panic attacks make it feel unsafe to live life.

Dig in and do it killing your sleep schedule. Lack of sleep is making it harder to think and gives the “drunk” affect.

Take it out on others. The proverbial kick the dog approach. Being nasty to those that love and care for you drives them away. A constant diet of this and they are gone.

Skipping work. Some would call this depression. I call it a habit of running away from that part of you that isn’t work.

Blowing up at co-workers or family. A coping mechanism in hyper-drive. Being angry all the time pushes people away too.

Drinking. If this is you, then you know so well the impact of this never ending cycle.

If you do nothing what will your life be like? (More of the same...)

“Same ole same ole,” is what my childhood friend would say.

I worked in I.T. for 21 years and after about year two I was suddenly in my own version of Ground Hogs day. Wake up, go to work, freak out because I couldn’t get everything done fast enough. I was constantly afraid people would find out that I’m not good enough, an old story installed during first grade. And then I couldn’t sleep at night, so the next day I couldn’t think. The harder I tried the worst it got. For a long time until I was where you are now. I had my breaking moment and made a drastic change.

But because you are here I know you are ready to make a powerful life altering change to take charge of your relationship to Stress and Anxiety.


We were fated to meet

While I don’t know your exact experience with this yet, I’ve been down a very dark path and come out the other side.

In my dark hours I realized my life wasn’t working. I had to make a change. I had to do it yesterday. I tried out every “trick” I could find inside of Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT. And coming out the other side of that experience is an OH MY GOD change in how I relate to life.

This was possible only from me taking hypnosis from hobby to learning the latest scientific based techniques to become certified as a hypnotist. (Many call this hypnotherapy.)

Image of Scott
Scott Bechtel - I.T. Stress Management Expert

So what makes me qualified to help you?

I.T. Stress Management Expert
I’ve pulled together skills and trainings from various disciplines to do things differently than everyone else, all for your success.
Certifications – This just means I’ve put in the work as a professional to provide these services.
āš½ Iā€™m a certified hypnotist with multiple agencies and have specialty certifications in weight release and smoking.
āš½ Iā€™m certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming which many people call NLP.
A love for helping people that are going through a similar journey I went through.
āš½ I love to help people achieve freedom from what is holding them back, fears, and habitual behaviors.
āš½ A deep personal understanding of Stress and Anxiety – because I’ve lived it most of my career.
But I don’t know yet if I’m a match to help you. That is why I’m inviting you now to schedule a FREE 45 min discovery call with me so that together we can figure out if your problem and my services are a match. If I can professionally help you then I’ll let you know and we can schedule time to work together. If not I’ll refer you to someone that is an expert and specializes in areas I don’t. (I have a strong network of hundreds of hypnotist friends.)

What do you need to work on? (Stress, Anxiety, or Both)

During our discovery call we’ll talk about what you need to work on. This really can be anything. But if it’s about Stress or Anxiety then we can dive into what it is about that which you are needing assistance with.

The science is in your corner

Become a professional at ease

Some times when a I ask a Stressed Out person what they want they will say, “To not be Stressed Out.” A negative form of something is still that thing. So I challenge you to think about what the opposite of Stress and Anxiety really are.

Some words I associate with this is ease, calm, relaxed, and indifferent. But what are yours?

Master how to be calm at will anytime (AND NO ONE KNOWS)

I’ll teach you at will ways to bring back that desired state on demand. And no one needs to know you are doing it. But they’ll know because suddenly your face will relax. Your voice will no longer need to be strained. You’ll be able to freely communicate what you desire to say, calmly.

Live into the freedom you expected inside of your career

When you started your career did you say, “OMG I want to be so stressed and anxious that I want to just stay home and sleep all day?” Of course not. Let’s reignite your passion about your career again!

Return to your life free from the Stress and Anxiety snare

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Bust Free from Stress & Anxiety Now

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My schedule fills up quickly every day.