Stress and working at home (4 Stress Busting Tips)


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4 Stress Busting Tips With COVID-19 so many are working at home, how do you cope with the new stressors?
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Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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hello my name is Scott Bechtel I’m
hypnotist for 21 years I worked as a in
the IT industry and now I’ve
transitioned over to be a hypnotist so
here’s my top 4 tips for working at home
for IT professionals okay first let’s
have a dedicated space
it can’t be professional at your kitchen
table working your countertop and
hunched over and not having the right
chairs you’re not gonna be able to take
care of your body and it’s gonna really
stress you out
be aware of too much multitasking being
at home is too easy too well I could
have the TV on and do my work that’s not
going to really work especially
long-term especially when you forget to
turn that off when you’re on a zoom
meeting and keep work as work don’t
multitask don’t be trying to do
everything all the ones and I know that
you know being a honker you’re really
distracting because that’s your space
you keep think of all the things that
you want to do but work time home time
different right so let me sit next one
work-life balance so have a start time
have an end time be half a done time
just work-life balance at home is just
as critical as when you’re at the office
and the fourth one take care of yourself
take the breaks you need eat healthy
don’t drink
oh my god amounts of of soda or coffee
or whatever take care of your body take
care of yourself take care of your mind
and then finally if you’re feeling super
stressed out and super anxious right now
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me so that you and I can have a chat
together about if my services and your
needs are matching up and I’ll let you
know if if I feel like they’re a match
I’ll let you know what the options are
if I feel like we’re not then I’ll I’ll
give you suggestions of some other
people you could talk to again go to
Scott Bechtel hypnotist calm horse last
discovery my name is Scott Bechtel and
it’s a pleasure to get to meet you soon
I hope