What Does I.T. Stress Mean For The Enterprise (The hidden KPI)


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Enterprise I.T. Architects has Stressed Out Engineers been fumbling your project timelines? Learn what I.T. Stress means for the Enterprise and you.

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Creating Your Calm and Ease!

Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert


DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion. This is not get rich quick nor medical in nature. I work with well clients that want to be even better in life.


What does it stress mean for the
Hi I’m Scott Bechtel I’m a TOGAF
certified architect
and for 21 years i worked in I.T. and now
I work as a hypnotist
so let’s talk about what does
it stress me for the enterprise so I
just want to use the
TOGAF ADM to talk about that a little
bit so
if if you’re getting a group together
i’m just starting with preliminary
right getting grouped together bringing
different people you got your business
you got your your C team you’ve got your
you’ve got people that are concerned
about creating a TOGAF
implementation for the enterprise right
so there’s going to be lots of nervous
and lots of what’s happening lots of
confusion possibly
right everybody comes to new situations
with different
situations but almost everybody that’s
coming to
the preliminary is going to have some
some form of stress
it may be excitement stress it might be
dread stress
but there’s going to be stress and so
someone someone definitely has to be the
the leader of leaders king of kings
but so there’s going to be lots of
around preliminary getting through that
definitely can be an exercise of
frustration right
because everybody wants their vision
everybody wants
the best for the enterprise and how to
get there can be very confusing
eventually that all sorts out right
eventually you come up with
your your standard operating procedures
you come up with your standard documents
you come up with your inner with your
sequencing of how things work if you’re
following togaf
obviously that’s going to the next one
is going to be
the architecture vision right creating
your architecture vision
so now you’ve got a team of architects
that are creating
the architecture vision and they’re
they’re stressed right so
it might be one person that person has
all the load
on their shoulders and if that’s you
and that you want to change your
relationship to that
let’s have a chat about that but as a
you have the architecture vision that
you’re working on and
and every time you’re working through
the adm site life cycle
you have a new project okay you have
and you’re going to go back to your
reference documents
and you’re going to architect it all out
and it should be just one two three four
five but then
oh wait we’ve got 10 of these and
we’ve got to get them done yesterday
right so
that pressure pressure pressures time
project management is always knocking at
the door when is it going to be done
when’s it going to be done what’s going
to be done
so you’ve got your PMO office you’ve got
your architect office
you’ve got your c team you’ve got
everybody trying to get everything done
money at all at once how do you
separate the stress and in getting those
documents done
okay so initial architecture is done
pass it off to the business team
business architect and to now the loads
on his shoulders
or her shoulders that person’s shoulders
so you have
that pressure pressure pressure okay got
to get all the business stuff can’t
forget anything
and okay pass it on to
the infrastructure team okay now
everything’s on their shoulders
of is there gonna be the right equipment
is the cloud gonna
be at is it on-prem all the different
structures and then pass it on to the
technology architecture pressure
pressure pressure pressure
opportunity solutions pressure pressure
okay so it’s been developed and oh my
god they went through a crazy
um process of development and no they
were all stressed out
and pass it on to deployment and
and just goes through the life cycle
right every team and department that it
goes around
through the adm through the life cycle
through everything
it’s stress and pressure and anxiety
because if it’s not done then it’s
burning inside right
throughout the adm life cycle
the you can either be stressed and
anxious about
that process or it can be
set up so that everybody
has the time that they need without
without punishment i guess is a good way
to say it
if things don’t go as quickly
as required what if
we were to architect enterprise process
in a way
that everybody could do their job
to their maximum best without
fear for what it means if if they’re not
on time and that’s a whole different
right what does it mean if a project is
i mean i get it there’s licensing things
but if it’s an arbitrary deadline then
all you’re doing is creating adrenaline
and cortisol
stress and hormones inside the body
and you’re wearing out your team for
nothing if it’s an arbitrary deadline
and even when it’s not an arbitrary
deadline human compassion
for acknowledging that people are doing
the best they can do
and then there’s there’s fallout
but the enterprise should absorb that
not the people
anyways so if you’re working in
if you’re working in an enterprise and
you’re super stressed
out and you would like to change your
relationship to
stress change your relationship to
anxiety strength change your
relationship to scheduling
change your relationship to how you
with the enterprise and the work
i invite you to to go to
forward slash discovery let’s have a
about how you can change your
relationship to the enterprise
change your relationship to stress
change your relationship to
really the whole ADM life cycle
in regards to stress and your
to work anyways
thank you my name is scott bechtel
to you again soon