I.T. Stress Management Expert Shares “What is it like to work with a hypnotist?”


Video Description: What is it like to work with a hypnotist? Get a small taste of it in this video while focus on someone you love.
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hello everybody so what is it like to
work with the hypnotist hi I’m Scott
Bechtel hypnotist and after 21 years in
IT I now help stressed-out IT engineers
install ease and calm what does that
really mean so let me know if this is
familiar to you you were super stressed
out before Koba 19 hit because of lots
of project deadlines and never-ending
work and late nights you can’t sleep and
maybe even kind of down in blue once in
a while Dan Cobin 19 hit and you have a
loss of control you have to stay home
you’re not sure what’s coming next
how can you deal with this so one way to
regain a sense of what’s coming next
is being present in the moment of right
now I’d right now doesn’t matter what
happened in the past whatever’s coming
up in the future if you think about it
now it’s just a story they made up on
the spot but be present right now and in
order to build to do that you can gain
an access to that through hypnosis
there’s self-hypnosis now one way to
build to access that if you can
obviously if you’re driving turn this
off why you watching this if you’re
driving but if it’s a for you to do so
going to close your eyes now with me and
I want you to think back about a happy
memory maybe you know his mother’s day
just yesterday maybe it’s a mom maybe
it’s a spouse maybe it’s someone else a
friend don’t want to think about my mom
she really makes me happy in fact I get
the tingles up my neck right now I know
that’s the right person for me to be
thinking about and think back about a
happy happy time with that person and
you have your eyes closed and your
thinking back in the past about that
and feel the smile spread across your
face as you’re thinking about that happy
happy memory how do you fill that in
your body do you have a sense of
butterflies in your tummy does your
heart race just a little bit faster and
gratitude do you fill the smile spread
across your face do you get tingles
going up the back of your neck how does
that person make you feel how does that
person smell in this happy happy memory
what did they sound like
and you can do it okay and go ahead and
come on back open up your eyes rejoin
here thank you for that oh so so you can
do that on the spot anytime anywhere and
it might be a little better if you just
need that sense of calm and peace if you
can just slip away from other people
it’s easier to not be distracted but
here’s the trick you don’t have to close
your eyes
we all sort of daydream every day and
that’s what it’s like to work with the
hypnotist Hemnes guides you down a path
of focused process thoughts right it
gives you access to a place where work
can be done and so this is only just a
hint a taste of what it’s like to work
with that mist and I’m just wanted to
show you share this with you today being
the day after Mother’s Day hi mommy
so anyways if you’d like to work with me
my name is Scott Bechtel and I’m a Hypnotist
and so my website is Scott Bechtel hypnotist / discovery reach out to me that’s
got Bechtel hypnotist.com/discovery and let’s just talk let’s see
if my services are meeting the needs
that you have remember my ideal person
that I work with is working in IT super
stressed out maybe anxious and has some
angst has some nervous maybe some doubt
some has something in their life that
they really want to work on right stress
maybe self body image or so much more
anyways epic tile hypnotist I look
forward to talking to you again