Why stress management is important (4 Quadrants)


Video Description:
Here are four areas to consider when learning why Stress Management should be important to your life. This video will help you debug your stress life.
Too often life goes like this. Wake up. Go to work. Work. (OMG this same old stuff again….) Then go home. Eat dinner. Work. Crash in Bed. Next day more of the same. That continual cycle works until it doesn’t. Eventually stress catches up.
So what action are you going to take to address your root causes around stress?
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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion. This is not get rich quick nor medical in nature. I work with well clients that want to be even better in life.


hello my name is Scott Bechtel and I’m a
hypnotist and so I just wanted to let
you know that for 21 years I used to
work in IT industry I’ve recently
switched over to be a hypnotist
so my passion and my ideal client are
stressed-out IT professionals and so I’m
looking for three people that would be
interested in working with me this week
to manage stress and get a relation work
on their relationship with stress or
anxiety or both and so this conversation
here is why stress management is
important I found this really cool slide
this really cool image over at curve
health.com and I just had to share it
with you basically there’s four
quadrants in this picture obviously and
stress management is super important
because if you don’t manage your stress
you’ll end up with memory problems
inability to concentrate poor judgment
you know that reminds me of like if I’ve
been heads down coding and it’s 11 p.m.
the next day I’ve got tons of bugs in my
code because at the time it made sense
it’s like being drunk you don’t you’re
not aware that you’re drunk at the time
everything seems clear and totally makes
sense and the next day none of that
makes any sense is none of that is
rational physical symptoms your body
kind of aches and pains again if you’re
like this coding all the time or even if
you like this coding all the time that’s
still gonna wear on your body and that’s
a physical stress if you do and the same
is true in your brain if you have have
to you have to you have to you have to
do have to use and in your brain
it’s trying to keep up trying to keep up
trying to keep up your brain is going to
fatigue your brains can get tired brain
is going to physically hurt you can end
up with the physical you chest pains
frequent frequently get sick upset tummy
all the time you can get Moody you can
eat less you can have feelings of
overwhelm and you can fill
procrastination all those things maybe
you identify with some of those symptoms
maybe identify with all of those
symptoms either if either one is true
then I invite you to go to Scott Bechtel
hypnotist calm for such discovery please
go there watch the introduction video
that lets you know how we can begin the
process of working together further on
down that page there’s a calendar
schedule yourself some time to talk to
me let’s have a free 45 minute
conversation or less where we can I can
let you know if my services and your
needs are matching up if they’re not
I’ll send you on to someone else no
problem if we not job great I’ll let you
know how we can move forward together
again go to Scott Bechtel have noticed
calm for such discovery get with me this
week let’s get your stress management
journey started