Learn two ways that Hypnotists help with Stress Management (W/ Example: A Relaxing Back Woods Walk)


Video Description:
Learn the two ways that Hypnotists can help with your Stress Management. (and Anxiety). Then experience a short hypnotic walk in the woods.
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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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hello my name is Scott Bechtel and I’m a
hypnotist and I went to talk to you
briefly about how meiosis can be used to
relax how hypnosis is used to reduce
stress to reduce anxiety to manage
stress me and even manage anxiety
there’s two main ways that this can be
done the first way is using hypnosis and
a therapeutic context with the hypnotist
to build to manage stress managed
anxiety it uses hypnosis to install
resource states have you ever been in a
situation where you go yes I got it
that’s a resource state and we have
minutes this can you leverage those type
of states to bill to an instant bill to
like maybe compress your fingers and
your thumb together and recall that
instantly and then bill to move forward
in that state instead of the scared or
afraid or the stressed out or the
anxious state that you’re in before the
second way that hypnotist can use
hypnosis to help you relax this you’re
suggesting that you relax it’s simply a
matter of suggesting they relaxed and
then you can just follow along to relax
and some people can follow along easier
down that path like holding hands
together just simply relaxing just by
suggesting that you relax other people
need a little more help and so together
I would like to give you a demonstration
of a little more help than just simply
suggesting that you
relax now and if now it’s a good time
for you to be under hypnosis to go into
a state where you can close your eyes
and follow along with me then great if
not especially if you’re driving or
something turn this off save it for
later but if now is a good time for you
to relax I would suggest that you just
take a look at the salt block behind me
or maybe look right between my eyes
right here on my glasses and just stare
just stare right at that spot and just
allow your mind to wander off and it’s
simply a matter of just staring and
letting your mind wander off and just
the more you wander off the more you can
just stare right off into oblivion and
at some point your eyes will just get
heavy because simply by staring in the
same place for a long time those eyelids
will get heavier and heavier and the
heavier lets get the easier and the more
you’re going to want to close your eyes
when your right to do that just go ahead
and do that it’s no problem at all and
as you close your eyes it’s just simply
so easy to let away if a relaxation run
down all your body
from the top of your head all the way
down to your toes just let that relaxing
waves just cascade all the way down and
you can just sit back in your chair and
you’ll stay safe in your chair and he
your chair will hold you up and keep you
secure or perhaps you’re laying on it
bad and your bed can just suck you right
in and give you a nice hug and it’s so
easy to realize
as you have your eyes closed you can
lean back in your chair so comfortably
and as you’re relaxing comfortably in
your chair and you’re bad you just think
that it’s so easy to take a deep breath
in and then back out and breathe in and
back out again it’s real easy to imagine
that you’re in a forest or in that
special place that you like to be in for
me it’s a forest where I can enjoy all
the trees of my childhood I can look
around make and see this trail going
forward and I could look back and see a
trail behind me and we can just simply
relax in the safe place of our minds and
we can think about these nice trees for
me these are pine trees in fact they’re
Douglas fir trees a special kind of tree
that’s has a special memory in my heart
because they grew up around me and I
grew up around them and in this special
place in my mind I’m thinking about
these trees and far off and it just
distance I can see a waterfall just in
my mind just to play because I can think
of it a beautiful waterfall and as I’m
walking down the trail closer and closer
to that waterfall then trees simply have
some numbers on them and as I walk past
number 10 I can see how beautiful it is
how it’s been cared for that’s been
by the caretakers of this trial and I
walk on down and I see number nine as I
can relax further down relaxing simply
breathing into smells of these nice
trees smelly and the smells of nature
pushing away from reality just diving
deeper down this trail now I’m heading
tree number eight I can see a little
blue jay sitting on the limb I can hear
him yelling and she well simply singing
along as I get closer and closer he’s
alerting and suddenly I see a squirrel
running up the tree away from me and
simply calmly I walk past not to bother
the animals but the animals will react
the way that animals do and I walk on
down the path getting closer and closer
that beautiful beautiful calming
waterfall I see I had and I see tree
number seven and in that tree I see a
heart that’s been drawn with zhu-li
initials two lovers who have been down
this path before and I can hear the
Falls I can hear that water falling as
it gets louder and louder as I approach
tree number six and as I could approach
tree number six the path is going down
closer and closer to the base of pool
and tree number five is a beautiful
Japanese maple tree planted here out of
beautiful red leaves beautifully
manicured by the people that take care
of this beautiful Arboretum as I walked
further down this path tree number four
another gorgeous Douglas fir tree so big
around I can’t even get my arms to touch
as a hug it close and close relaxing on
down further further down relaxing the
more a walk the more I walk the slower I
go because I relax even deeper and
deeper down and as I reach tree number
three I just walk up
approaching tree number two I can see
the waterfall rippling in the cool down
below it and tree number one has a
mirror and in that mirror I can simply
see my face how relaxed I look how calm
how I do you say it feel and I move on
to closer to that pool of water in front
of me where the waterfall has been
falling in and I can see a glint of
silver down
a nice wishing well where people put in
coins in this special place in this
special place where everyone can make
the wish calmness make the wish and
relaxation and it comes true for you now
whatever you desire to wish for you can
throw in your own coin for this is a
special place where it will harmony
nature because it’s simply in your mind
you can throw a coin in and make a wish
that you desire to out now it might be
stress management to simply put into
installed infinite place it might be
anxiety management it might be for a
special thing that you wanted on your
birthday you didn’t get it might be just
a relaxing time with me now whatever
that is for you gonna make that wish now
and in this place we can look up and see
the beautiful sky you see a flock of
mallard ducks flying paths in here
they’re honking and you can see the
beautiful colors and you can look up and
see all the branches flowing back and
forth the slight breeze
and together roots turn around and head
back up the path and we’ll go on the
path together you can hear the birds
singing in the background
hear the stream rolling past the path
away from the waterfall while the stream
can go downhill we can go up hill back
towards where we came from we simply can
walk up this easy path together and
we’re about halfway now to tree number
five on up the path together almost
through the talk now chamber three
sitting up straighter in your chair
waking up a little more as it one might
say – starting to open your eyes and one
fully white away coming on back to the
room with me now I hope you enjoyed that
simple simple example of what hypnosis
can be like just a simple relaxing time
if you would like to work with me to go
for the number one route where you can
actually install resource states where
anytime anyplace that you want to have a
relaxing moment then I invite you to go
to scopic Telemachus calm for such
discovery on that page this is a video I
suggest that you just take a look at
that that lets you know how we can work
together down below that there’s a
calendar where you can schedule some
time to work with me 45 minutes for free
and that we can talk together about what
you would like to achieve with hypnosis
if I believe that I can sir
that if I believe that we can work
together on that issue then I’ll let you
cool we’ll do that if not then I’ll
refer you on to someone else who I
believe can serve you better than I can
again that Scott Bechtel hypnotist comm
for such discovery I invite you to visit
that right now thank you