I.T. Stress Management Expert Shares Going From Stressed Out Panic Attack To Peace [TRUE STORY]


Video Description: From Stressed Out Panic Attack To Peace is about my misadventure at the grocery which resulted in a Panic Attack. But inside of that experience I used tools in my tool belt to get through it and learned lessons about how to approach future trips.
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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion. This is not get rich quick nor medical in nature. I work with well clients that want to be even better in life.


from stressed-out panic attack to peace
hi I’m Scott Bechtel I’m a hypnotist for
21 years I was an IT where his
programmer architect many different hats
and now I specialize in stress
management for the IT force but this one
the this Eliab is is about a panic
attack I had at a grocery store the
other day so I’m in the I’m in the
grocery store I’m focused on my list
I’ve got a written out list because I
don’t want to be touching my phone and I
focus on that I was just narrowed vision
I was thinking about what I was trying
to find still trying to figure out this
new store and suddenly there’s people
and my ad D kept going Danger Danger
Danger Danger because they’re not
wearing a mask and I’m wearing a mask
and am i breathing certainly faster and
faster and my heart rate started going
up and I suddenly realized I’m on the
verge of a panic attack I’m a bloody
hypnotist I can I have techniques for
this and my brain just kind of blanked
on me I’m like oh oh boy so I figured
okay just one thing just just focus on
breathing just focus on breathing
so I started slowing my breathing down
breathing out longer than breathing in
and I got through my list and I pushed
away that panic attack and it just was
kind of teetering teetering on managing
on managing managing check out get to
the car and then just light down so I
learned some stuff from that so I
learned oh when I go into the store I
have to be ready for the unexpected and
I should have expected that there’s
other people not wearing masks or that
there’s people behaving differently than
I expect
and so that doesn’t have to stress me
out because I know to expect it also
I’ve learned that I’ve been staying at
home right so that was probably the
longest I’ve been breathing through a
mask because I was in the store like an
hour and so I learned that my lungs
weren’t quite ready for that and I
wasn’t ready for that increased co2 you
know that should have calmed me down but
it just I got lost in my brain in the
situation and I learned to be ready to
be aware of the store in a different way
that that in the future and other
shopping trips later has gotten better
about and been more comfortable about so
anyways just wanted to share that even
when you’ve got tools yeah sometimes
life still catches you so don’t panic
about it don’t worry about it and just
keep at it you’re okay and you all go
through this