I feel like I can not handle the stress after this promotion


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I.T. Leaders have you ever heard, “I feel like I can not handle the stress after this promotion”? Watch this to learn another way to handle this.
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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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okay I.T. leaders so what if you had a
direct report come to you and say hey I
just got this promotion thank you but
I’m having trouble dealing with the
stress of the job all right so what are
you gonna say so there’s lots of
different things you can say one of them
might be
hey you’re not promoted because we
believe you’re qualified for this oh you
might say hey all that stuff you were
doing before just do that more or you
might say do you feel comfortable with
with this do you believe that you are
this role do you believe that that
you’re fake do you believe what’s your
relationship what’s changed what’s
different since you’ve been promoted and
then you might also say hey the
hypnotist might not to help you with
your relationship with your new role if
who do you know that needs to alter
their relationship with the role that
they’re in and their job
if you know someone please settle over
to to watch me similar to Facebook have
one friend me have them watch me for a
bit and maybe they’ll see that I can
make a difference for them um if you
know someone that’s ready to make a
change in you like yesterday and he’s
send them over to to Scott Bechtel hypnotist
calm for / discovery and let me have a
conversation with them and see if how
see how I can help them with their
relationship with their role maybe
they’re dealing with impostor syndrome
where they’re feeling like they’re a
like they’re not good
for this new role or maybe they were
already stressed out and tired before
they got promoted and now it’s all so
much more and they need to change their
relationship of how they deal with the
workload and switch from everything all
at once to one thing at a time and
there’s other things so anyways if you
know somebody please send them my way
thank you