I.T. Architects and Stress Management


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I.T. Architects and Stress Management explores how hypnotists, like me, do things differently.

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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion. This is not get rich quick nor medical in nature. I work with well clients that want to be even better in life.


so i’m going to talk about it stress
management for architects hi i’m scott
bechtel for 21 years i was in the i.t
industry i’m working as a programmer and
developer and architect
even got my togaf-9 certification so
over the years i got really stressed out
and found a bunch of techniques around
hypnosis that helped me
and so i’m here to share some of those
and even work with other people that
want to be
stress-free so it architects so in the
tradition of everybody night
time i’ve got cards through make sure i
cover some of this stuff
so i’m going to talk about a little bit
about what webmd
suggests for stress management and then
i’m going to show you
what i suggest for stress management and
how i’m different
so webmd would say stress management
except that there are events that you
cannot control
and these are bad these are good i just
do things differently
um make time for hobbies interest and
work life balance anybody
get enough rest and sleep your body
needs time to recover from stressful
especially when you know pandemics
um political cycles so
like presidential elections or big
government type stuff that’s happening
oh and war you know that’s a good one
because anything that is input
so stress is like outside stuff coming
and that can build emotion and feelings
right that builds anxiety
perhaps and so when you’re feeling
anxious it’s harder to manage
stress coming in so sleep helps
on both sides but if you sleep too much
maybe that’s depression so that’s a
whole other thing um let’s see
seek out social support spend enough
time with those you enjoy
do you have friends outside of work do
you spend time with your friends
don’t rely on alcohol drugs or
compulsive behaviors to reduce stress
good advice okay let’s see set limits
appropriately and learn how to say no
to requests that would create excess
stress in your life
an architect that can be really hard but
do you have abilities within your career
delegate or say it’s not now is not the
time to do it
and i know you you know all that but i’m
just reminding
you stress management
right okay
i’ll eat healthy well-balanced meals
i’m sensing a theme of whole complete
balance in life here okay
exercise regularly your body can fight
stress better when you’re fit
learn to practice relaxation techniques
try medications
nope try meditation yoga
or tai chi for stress management the
okay keep a positive attitude
be assertive instead of aggressive
assert your feelings opinions or beliefs
instead of becoming angry
defensive or passive
learn to manage your time more
okay so those are all really great
i’m just getting out a few more of how i
would approach it a little bit
so stress management i would say do one
thing at a time
you’re utilizing subtasks on jira or
some other ticking system
so you can focus on one thing finish it
cross it off
do the next thing finish it cross it off
if one of the ways to manage the
the pressure of stress right so so when
there’s lots of things coming in or if
you’re thinking oh i got to do this i
got to do do
do do that can feel like pressure it can
feel stressful
and while it’s maybe internally made up
that you have to manage that while
you’re trying to do that
that becomes a lot of extra brain cycles
right so
just one thing at a time just work your
list once it’s set up
never try to multitask it’s that point
okay so i have i created a
program that that’s called brain resets
and what that is is it’s sort of a um
sort of a brain checkout in in that in a
very special way
have you ever daydreamed before and when
you come out of that you go
oh i feel better or have you taken a nap
you oh i felt better
brain resets is a quick
10 to 30 minutes time period
i think they’re 10 to 25. um anyways so
basically of there’s too much happening
let me just take my lunch
split it in half let’s do a brain brain
let’s eat a good lunch and then we have
the clarity
and clearing to build to again see the
true tree from the forest and see the
forest in the trees
right gaining perspective again when
you’re all lost
and and everything’s cloudy brain resets
is a really good way to
to say pause
get myself back together and then move
and um that’s a scott
bechtelhypnetist.com forward slash brain
resets i’m going to have these links in
the description later
okay um hey okay so another one is
jaw dropping so you’re sitting in a
and someone says something to you and
you get that anger or you get that
stress and you get the
if you just drop your jaw
and it can be subtle it doesn’t have to
be big
can even put your hand on your face
kind of hide it a little bit if you want
but just
you can take your breath
take a really good breath in and slowly
breathe it out
you just take a moment drop your jaw
and if you still have a lot of internal
dialogue going on you can even put
the tip of your tongue up to the roof of
your mouth and everything will just
silent down
and then you can respond with clarity
instead of reaction you can choose your
words instead of gut knee-jerk reactions
okay another one is to watch the videos
that i’m doing and we’ll be doing
on youtube so scout bechtel
hypnotist.com forward slash
okay um so a long-term strategy i would
so a lot of these are are just real
quick do it in the moment
right so long-term strategy is to
architect your life
instead of just going on with the brain
software you grew up with
when you you installed when you’re like
three and five
and you were reacting to fear or
reacting to
are reacting to fear reacting to all the
inputs in your life
and accepting everything that that your
parents or close people in your life are
telling you
now you’ve had life experiences and you
go oh
now that i’m an adult i how i’d react
when i was five
doesn’t work for me anymore
if you want to make those changes where
you can go i’ve had adult experiences
and i want my life the operating system
of my brain
my automatic response is to work
in my chosen adult patterns
then i can help you with that i have a
program called greenfield
life where we go in we reprogram
and we upgrade the os in your brain
um and the easiest way to to do that is
to contact me
scottbecktonhypnotist.com for discovery
and let’s have a free conversation and
work on
what you’re wanting to create
okay so feeling stress is a form of
that’s one perspective of it you can’t
which is thinking about the future if
you’re focused in the present
right so if you’re thinking about right
now so
one of the things i like to do is
bilateral stimulation so these cards in
my hands
so i can just pass these back and forth
and that gets the brain working left and
right left and right
and so you need to cross and really
if you put your arms out as far as
and already my arms the back of my head
the back of my neck and even my torso
i’m getting tingly feelings
and just i’m getting happier actually
i wasn’t expecting that that’s kind of
funny um yeah as
things happen and it’s
very rejuvenating but it gets the brain
centered it stops you from thinking
about the past stops you from thinking
about the future you think about right
and what you need to do right now
part of that focus is just slowing down
and as you’re doing a bilateral
stimulation you can say no matter what
the stress is
no i don’t like that
while i have this stress this stress
doesn’t have me
you can use an empowering phrase
the phrase isn’t required but
if you’re doing this and you’re thinking
about a positive thing
then they’ll all combine and it’s more
of a
exponential expansion
within the brain okay i think you get
that’s a good one i like that one a lot
okay so
another one to do is the integrity
reality check
it’s really good for gaining clarity so
so just stop and and take a look at all
your tickets
and go have i been given more than i can
really do in this time frame
in i.t especially architects there’s
what you’re working on one to
30 projects at a time
and when a when can you get all that
stuff done
and really look at project timelines and
all that and i know you do
right but the reality check the ongoing
reality checkup it was all mapped out it
was all good
and now it’s three weeks later four
weeks later
do a check-in um
is it your relationship within the
required task
so is this a task that you need to do or
can you pass it on to someone else
um what can you do
about the all the tasks that you have
do you just need to buckle down doom can
you pass them on
can you like start getting creative
about well this one can go on the shelf
this one i do right now all the normal
task management stuff
right but just taking get
stepping back and getting the
perspective so that it’s not
gnawing at you in the back of your brain
um ask yourself who can help you
reaching out to people
engaging the team the community that
that you work with
and especially in this time of of people
working at home and as the things
as situations are shifting around that
start building those um network of
relationships of i work at home
that person works at home and what are
they good at
building those relationships with people
that you probably never even see
as moving forward right so
building relationships so that then you
can leverage them
in the future to help either offload
your tasks or
to gain perspective on and outside
um what do you need to tell that you
won’t get
who do you need to tell that you’re not
going to get this task done right so
sometimes as project manager sometimes
it’s your direct manager
or director sometimes it’s
another team right there’s lots of
different people that are waiting on you
and you know who those people are okay
really that’s just if you know what’s so
then you can take action on it if you’re
super lost in one task
all the others can creep up on you
that’s what i’m trying to say there
okay so finally this is the last one um
so address specific pain points so if
you have something that
in your life that isn’t working like
your relationship with stress
all the things that are coming at you or
all those anxiety feelings this
i perhaps even imposter syndrome
where maybe you just got this architect
or you’ve been at it a bit but now you
have a new
director and they just you haven’t built
that relationship yet
and you’re worried and nervous and
you’re and you’re anxious and it’s
burning at you
and maybe you feel that in your stomach
maybe things aren’t so great there or
maybe you feel it in the back of your
or in the front
so also um
smoking because hey if you’re stressed
out often you smoke too much
or maybe weight is an issue anyways so
if you contact me scott bechtel
hypnotist forward slash discovery and i’m gonna have
all these links in the description of
this and the first comment talk to me
if there’s anything i can do around
stress and with
with hypnosis for an architect
please get in touch i really appreciate
your time