IT Engineers, you will burn out!


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At some point you will BURN OUT. I’m here to help you bounce back to your Peek Performance.
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Creating Your Calm and Ease!
Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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IT engineers you will burn out hi I’m
Scott Bechtel I’m a hypnotist and for 21
years I worked in IT been there done
that so many times now I’ve transitioned
over to hypnotism and so I’m looking for
three people that want to work with me
this week
on their relationship with stress
management and here’s why because IT
engineers you will burn out so there’s
this really cool graph there your
exceeds dotson stress performance curve
okay basically what all that means is
that when you’re when you start off with
something have you ever had the
experience of on board but it’s kind of
lame or that emotion of indifference
until you were a completely different
project where you’re motivated and
you’re focused and you’re feeling good
let’s go let’s go and then at some point
hopefully as a team you’ve reached the
peak performance and everybody’s firing
on all cylinders
everything is going really great and
it’s really easy to tip over and go into
fatigue exhaustion and then panic oh my
God we’re never gonna get this done and
even anxiety it’s just start burning
inside that anxious inks of it’s not
gonna build a build to be done on time
and then you get angry about it and
you’re just frustrated in your soap
alright so angry and you start lashing
out at people and you start yelling and
you proverbial kick the dog and then if
that’s a chronic condition you get
burnout and even break down to the point
of severe depression and eventually you
might lose your job you might commit
suicide I mean there’s so many scenarios
it could happen as you go down into the
burnouts phase I want you to work with
me to get you back into peak performance
keep you focused to get you out of
anxiety to get you away from the ink or
side of the curve let’s get you back to
peak performance how do you do that so
one way to do that is to work with me my
name is Scott Bechtel I’m a hypnotist so
Scott Bethlehem noticed calm for Asajj
discovery I’m looking for three people
this week that will work with me with
their stress management relationship
it’s really a relationship to how you
deal with stress you can’t get rid of
stress but you can change the way you
relate to that input stress is all the
stuff coming at you from outside of you
as you change that relationship to
something that’s coming in then you can
change that relationship to how you are
emoting about it so that you don’t
become that anxious constant bubbling
boiling anxious inner anger even right
so please go to Scott Bechtel hypnotist
calm for such discovery on that page
there’s a video that explains how it
worked with people and then down from
there there’s a calendar where you can
schedule free 45-minute conversation
where we can work together to see if my
services match up to your needs
if not I’ll send you on to someone else
I’ll give you some suggestions of
forensic do lots of other work but if I
believe that might that I can serve you
and that were a match I’ll let you know
that and I’ll let you know how we can
move together and I look forward to
talking to you very soon thank you