Programmers how does anxiety affect you?


Video Description:
Does stand up or code reviews put you into a Panic Attack? Does committing your code scare you? Are you suffering from Anxiety? Let’s chat about it.
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Scott Bechtel – I.T. Stress Management Expert
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hello my name is Scott Bechtel I’m a
hypnotist for 21 years I was working on
and now I’m a hypnotist and so I have a
lot of transferable knowledge back and
forth and so I asked you programmers how
does anxiety affect you how does it
affect your health how does it affect
your life I’m interested so give me some
feedback let me know I don’t know what
your life is like but for me early on in
my career and IT I be busy coding Cody
Cody Cody and then I’d be petrified to
turn it over for code review because I
was had this inner fear that I wasn’t
good enough and I just knew that people
were going to catch me and then let me
know that I wasn’t good enough that my
work wasn’t good enough that me as a
person I wasn’t good enough that was all
false that was all fake fake news in my
head it was this little voice in my head
that just would loop over and over and
over tell me this lie that I wasn’t good
enough maybe you have one too maybe you
have a voice in your head that gives you
really bad advice there’s a little voice
that’s giving all this negative input
all the time you know hypnosis is a good
way to reprogram that little voice to
change that that safety thing that was
installed when you’re 3 to 7 years old
and kick it out and install a powerful
voice a voice that is affirming of you a
voice that will empower you
if you’re interested in doing that I
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hypnotist comm board / discovery and
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we can work together if you’re all and
cool then scrolling down there’s a
calendar there where you can schedule 45
minutes for free to talk to me I’ll let
you know if my services match up to your
needs and where where what you’re up to
if it’s changing that little voice in
your head swap it out for empowering
voice then probably you bet we’ll
probably build to work together on the
other hand if we’re not a match
then I’ll freely let you know that and
I’ll refer you want to either another
hypnotist or some someone else that I
know that could help you again go to
Scott Bechtel hypnotist calm for /
discovery and let’s create a empowering
context within your brain to help you
with anxiety to help you with stress to
empower you with your life all of your
life but specifically at work so you can
be the best programmer you can be